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After years of experience and having handled many situations, the company is ready to implement its rules for the safety of everyone, including your furry babies, you, and the staff at Shampoodles.

All pet owners, please read the company policies, carefully, before booking an appointment, to make your experience at Shampoodles as pleasant as possible.




  • Please give your dog the opportunity to walk prior the grooming or bath session, as this will ensure they are less stressed or agitated and giving them the opportunity to get the maximum enjoyment from their grooming or bathing experience.

  • Shampoodles refuses to perform a service that causes high pain or stress, considered excessive. In those cases, owners will be called and notified to pick up their pets.


  • All owners must read and sign any release form provided by the staff, before performing any service. 


  • Florida Statute 828.30 mandates that all dogs, cats and ferrets 4 months of age or older must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian against rabies with a vaccine that is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture for use in those species.

  • Vaccination records must be provided to the front desk or sent by email: prior to perform any services. Failure to provide the updated vaccinated record the appointment will be cancelled, and the 24 hours cancellation policy will be applied.


  • Shampoodles does not provide any services that require medication underwritten by a veterinarian for grooming.


  • Sometimes flea detection is difficult until pets are wet. Therefore, if fleas are detected during bathing, flea shampoo will be applied, and $13 fee will be added to final payment.


  • Shampoodles only uses high quality pet products made in the USA.

  • Most of the time, a regular bath is performed with an Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs and cats that helps to relieve dry, irritated skin with a soothing combination of natural oatmeal, coconut oil, and aloe vera. However, some pets can be more skin sensitive and develop allergic reactions. So, all owners are encouraged to checkup with their pet’s veterinarian about allergic reactions before taking them to a grooming or bath session.

  • If your pets have sensitive skin, please bring your own shampoo to the appointment, however, there will be no discount for bringing your pet's shampoo.



  • All owners must check up their pets before leaving the company facility.

  • Any adjustment is free of charge up to 24 hours after the service performance. Beyond this period, no complaints are accepted.

  • The adjustments do not contemplate a cut different from the one originally requested.

  • At Shampoodles, we do our best to meet your needs regarding your pet's grooming expectations, however, no refunds or discounts are processed due to haircut dissatisfaction. And the refusal to pay for the service performed entails the permanent ban of making a new appointment with the company.


  • As a result of lack of grooming (especially every 4 to 8 weeks), coat overgrowth, not being brushed regularly or not being combed before bathing, pets may become matted. 

  • The groomer is the only person capable of determining when a dog or cat is severely matted. And in those cases, the only procedure allowed to continue the service is to shave the coat down to the skin. And consequently, if the pet's owner refuses to approve the groomer's suggestion, the service will not be performed, and it will be charged according to what has been done up to that moment. 

  • At Shampoodles, the staff members try their best to ensure that all furry clients skin are cared of, however the company is not responsible for health conditions that may be revealed by removing a matted coat such as sores. 

  • The dematting fee is $12 for the first 10 minutes which will be added to the final payment. And the procedure will be stopped if the process inflicts pain on the pet.

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