We offer high quality grooming for your furry friend. We are a team of certified groomers trained by the top schools. We understand that all dogs are unique and we tailor each treatment to their specific needs. We love dogs and cats equally, and that's why we make sure that you and your tail wagging friend look good and healthy. Give us a call at (954) 582-5610 or book an appointment to pamper your four-legged friend with our attentive care.


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Our Fluff & Buff program is a monthly program at an affordable price for long haired dogs and cats. Bring them in every week and we will perform various grooming services so that we can make sure your pet's coat is never a tangled mess. Pets who have short hair can also get grooming and luxurious pampering treatment.


  • Mini-Grooms

  • Full Grooms

  • Baths

  • Monthly Fluff & Buff Program

  • Pre-paid Packages

  • Hand Stripping

  • Dematting 

  • Deticking

  • Nail Clipping

  • Dremel

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Oatmeal Pad Treatment

  • Tick & Flea Baths

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